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Adding Slides - Panoramic Slideshow

Step by step instructions

  1. In the administration menu go to Add Content
  2. Click on Panoramic Slide
  3. Add your Slide Title
  4. Click Browse to locate the image you want to upload from your harddrive.
    • Image Tips: Choose images that are horizontal in nature. 
    • Image Size If you are using the full width slider, your images should be set to 1170 x 450 at 72 DPI. The three-quarter slider is 870 x 450 at 72 DPI.
    • Photo Editors: If you do not have access to Photoshop, you can find free simple image editors such as GIMP
  5. After you upload your image you can adjust the image using the selector window
  6. Enter the Text relating to the slide, typically 15-20 words
  7. You can link your slide to an internal or external page. Enter the URL to where the slide should jump to when clicked.
  8. Click Save

Choose Your Block & Drag to Region

  1.  Navigate to Structure>Blocks
  2.  Scroll to the bottom of the page and you will see the following:
  • panoramic slideshow (post date sort) 850w    
  • panoramic slideshow (post date sort) 1170w
  • panoramic slideshow (weight sort) 1170w    
  • panoramic slideshow (weight sort) 850w

Depending on whether you want a 3/4 slider or a full-width slider, and how you want the slides sorted, you will choose the appropriate block above. (850 is the 3/4 slider, 1170 is the full-width slider)

Once that has been decided, move the cross-cursor from your selection, and drag it to the region near the top of the page named: MAIN:TOP. Click save and your slides are now in the appropriate region and width.